What to take on a day walk

Mary Poppins bag …..

It really doesn’t seem to matter whether I am taking the kids on a short or long walk, I tend to leave the house feeling like I have the kitchen sink packed! Below are some things I don’t leave the house without + some extras I’ve found useful or calming from time to time.

  • Back pack. I always make sure I have extra space to put all the layers the kids want to take off. Though once my kids turned 5, they had to carry their own.
  • Rain jacket and good shoes. This makes the walk more comfortable for all.
  • Water bottle. It doesn’t matter if the kids had a drink 1 minute before we left on a little 20 minute walk, they will ask for a drink 2 minutes into the walk! This also goes for needing to go to the bathroom, its always a good idea to get them to try beforehand anyway.
  • Snacks. Even of you think you have lots, pack some more, they’ll eat it.
  • First Aid Kit, plasters mainly. You know your own child, are they accident prone?
  • A change of clothes: Probably only really necessary for the under 5’s.Β  For example, you do a walk to a waterfall, along a river or beach or it’s the middle of winter with lots of mud, the likelihood of your child getting wet/muddy or both and needing a change is very high! We’ve know, we’ve been there!!!
  • Phone. I mainly use this for photos, but nice to have in case of emergency (if there is cell reception). Always make sure someone knows your plan.
  • Map. If I am doing a new track in an unfamiliar place I like to have a copy of the track and area on me, just in case. Some might think this is an overkill but if it calms my mind I’d rather have it with me.Β  Walking with kids is an extra responsibility.

We’d love to know if you’ve found this helpful or what other things might work for you, leave us a comment or flick us an email.

Nga mihi, Anita πŸ₯œ


4 thoughts on “What to take on a day walk

  1. Trish says:

    This is so helpful, thanks for posting! I went for a walk recently with a friend and she had packed plastic bags, something I never thought of taking before. We used them to sit on as the ground was wet, to collect rubbish and to put our dirty shoes in when we hopped in the car to go home.

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