Mauao/Mt Maunganui, a story of unrequited love…

Many of us have a complete love affair with Mauao/ Mt Maungauni, I know its a daily ritual for some to walk up or around it. I climbed up to the top recently one kids free afternoon joined by throngs of other people some running some walking, many huffing and puffing, family groups, #selfie peeps, rock climbers, tourists, the young and the old, people from all walks of life. And it got me to thinking does anyone know about Mauao’s love story?

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Legend has it, that there were once three mountains that lived in the Hautere forest overlooking Tauranga moana. One was Otanewainuku a total spunk, he stills stands there being the total hottie. The second was Puwhenua a gorgeous girl bathed in the finest ferns and birds in her hair, the third was maunga pononga or the nameless mountain. The nameless one was desperately in love with Puwhenua but she only had eyes for Otanewainuku.ย  Heartbroken the nameless one decided it was all too much and that he would drown himself in the Pacific ocean. He called upon the Patupaiarere (the people with magic powers) and asked them to plait him a magical rope and haul him down to the ocean. Chanting, they dragged the nameless one slowly down towards the sea, gouging out the current channel which flows past Tauranga city and the Waimapu river as they went. By the time they reached the ocean it was almost day break. This freaked the patupaiarere out because they were people of the night, so they fled before the sun rose, fixing the nameless one in place. Thankfully before they left they named the nameless one Mauao, which means “caught by the morning light”.

It’s true its quite a sad story but one I like to think has a happy ending. You see Mauao could never be lonely, not with all of the people in his life walking, running, climbing, playing, going up, down and around him, occasionally paragliding off him or playing in the waters that surround him. I like to imagine that this brings him joy.

So, the next time you head up or around the Mount/ Mauao how about you stop for just a minute, bend down and give the old boy a pat and tell him he is very loved.





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