Looking for something cool to do this school holidays?

Check out the Looking Glass Gardens in Te Puke and prepare to fall down the rabbit hole… I have been meaning to come here for years but for one reason or another had never made it (it also closed for a while). But guess what? Its back open and in mid September a friend messaged and said come on! So off we went! The blossoms were out, and although we missed the peak of the (~10,000!) daffodils that were planted (you must need to get here late August/early September for that) it was a magical and wonderful place! I can’t wait to go back!

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The stairway to heaven (featured picture) is quite something, get prepared for some steep uphill! But the views! Wow, breath-taking (literally, as my kids would say!) Plus there is a swing in a tree at the top, if anyone needs a little coaxing!


About: The garden was originally created by Gael & Cedric Blaymire. This is one of those amazing stories of vision and bloody hard work or yakka as we say in NZ! This awesome couple worked tirelessly for over 30 years to create an enchanted 20 acre tree garden. Honestly, such inspiring people! Some of the places they planted up with daffodil bulbs are crazy steep! Gael’s sense of humor and quirkiness is reflected in the Alice in Wonderland theme that runs throughout the garden. The garden closed for a time as the Blaymire’s sold the property but thankfully the new owners have it opened up to the public again. What an awesome legacy, I highly recommend a visit!

Location: 558 Te Puke Quarry Rd, Te Puke (partly gravel road). Call 027 578 8307 for more info.

Open hours: 10am- 4 pm daily.

Cost: $5 per adult, $2.50 per child. Bring the correct amount of $ as it is an honesty box system, however you can pay by bank deposit if you forget this!

Toilets: Yes, I noticed 2. One in the amphitheater area, and the second by the owner’s house. There is a map at the gate so take a photo of it then.

Dogs: Not allowed

Buggy or wheel chair: Sorry, not suitable.





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