How to take a 💩 in the bush…

No joke! We need to have a conversation about this! We hate seeing toilet paper or worse🙈 when out in the bush! Here’s our guide on how to…see a man about a horse🐎 when nature🌳 calls.

  1. Stepping off the track ~10m or so-usually behind a tree or shrub. Please talk to your kids or if they are young go with them. They don’t need to go miles away- you don’t want a rescue mission on your hands!
  2. Dig a hole that’s deep enough (at least 10 cm). You can use a stick or the heel of your shoe/boot.
  3. Hopefully you’ve remembered some toilet paper or a tissue, if not don’t fret you can usually find some rangiora (pictured below) aka bushman’s toilet paper, it’s easily identifiable by its large size and nice white soft underside.20181012_002229996_iOS
  4. After you’ve done your business, push the soil you removed to create the hole back on top! If your very courteous you might place a rock or log on top.
  5. Done – voila! No one needs to know you were ever there, which is how it should be!😁❤🌳🐎👌 #keepnzgreen #beatidykiwi #lovenz #jobdone



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