Bike Trails … and my bugbear 🐛🐻 when riding them with kiddos.

I love a good bike ride, though I don’t do it often and I am more of a cruiser. I like to take my time, look around and take it all in, I also generally have one or more child with me, so having to stop often is necessary.

Recently, I was back in the Waikato catching up with my whanau (family) and we decided to go for a bike ride along the Horotiu to Ngaruawahia section of the Te-awa river trail. There were 6 of us, 3 adults and 3 kids, we had bikes, a scooter, roller skates and a hover board! Has anyone else tried out a hover board? 😳 I have a very bruised behind and a scratched up swollen knee from my attempt 🤣 or shall I say attempts as I was determined to nail it …. #failedit.

Anyway so we got out on the track and the kids were having a great time on all their toys, they decided they would hang out on a flat area of the track to practice their skills. I went off on my own along the track to the Perry bridge (approximately 10-15 minutes from Horotiu car Bridge at my pace). It was a choice little ride, nice and peaceful on my own.

But here’s my bugbear … adult riders zooming past super fast in total disregard for any other track user’s “on your left they yell” as they scream past. I don’t mind too much when they zoom past me, when-I’m-on-my-own! But when there are kids out on the track – please slow down! 🛑Kids are unpredictable! They will go right instead of left when trying to get out of your way, they wobble, crash, turn uncontrollably and fall off (all of the above we have experienced by the way!) But guess what? They have just as much right to be on the track as anyone else.

We all teach our kids to share and to be considerate of others. I think we all need to remember those important social skills. Being considerate, thinking about our actions, sharing roads and pathways with some patience and cracking a friendly smile, while out enjoying the trails can all go a long way to creating a happy healthy community that everyone can enjoy.

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Be kind and have a great day 🤗 ✌️Nutty 🥜

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