My ☀️ summer school holidays adventure wishlist 🏕🗒

In the spirit of 🎅 – “making a list and checking it twice”, I’ve decided this year, to make a wish list of some of the adventures I will to try and explore with the kids over the coming summer holidays. This is my way of having direction but with the spontaneity of not planning out dates – Carpe Diem (as someone mentioned to me yesterday).

Now, I feel that it is important to mention that I am not going to put any pressure on myself or the kids to tick them all off or even complete the whole walk, because the last thing we all need is more pressure in our lives. This is just a top 5 wish list to have visible to inspire me to get out when I can – cause lets face it, sometimes it feels like all the 🌌 stars have to align for a well laid plan to come to fruition, especially with the kiddies.

Adventure wish list

Here is a PDF version of the Adventure wish list with links to more track information.

I’m also heading to the Wairarapa and Taranaki Regions this summer – so if you’re from there or know of any great adventures around these ways, please scroll down and let me know 🙌, I’d love to check them out and share my stories 🤗.

✌️ Nutty 🥜

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