What a way and day to start 2019: East-West Kaimai Crossing

Starting off the new year with an Epic Adventure – Whakamarama Rd on the Eastern side of the range to Wairere falls in the West!!! Tonnes of laughs 😂 were had and plenty of questions explored, always great to have a crew to share wicked experiences 🌄 with.

Check out our video below; we were super lucky to have 3 rifleman birds, the cutest, most tiniest New Zealand native birds 🐦, come and have a korero (chat) right next to us, they are too tiny to see, but if you listen carefully in the video you might catch their super sweet tweeting:

This video doesn’t exist

In total this crossing took us 7 hours (1/2 an hour more than the DOC signs), we took 2 snack breaks and had plenty of stops to check out the awesome flora and fauna of our beautiful country. The track was really well-marked with orange triangles and signs came by at every junction. Wairere Falls track was super busy so be patient and prepared to share the track if visiting there- all the people were hard for us to acclimatize to especially after having the first 5 hours in the bush to ourselves ☮️.

🌳If you’re in the Waikato or Bay of Plenty area and you’re up for missions with us 😍👊and other mum’s maybe you’d like to join our Facebook group check it out here.

Nga mihi, Anita



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