Going bush and letting off steam

A nice relaxing stroll in the outdoors can be very therapeutic, but also a run or fast paced walk can really get your body and head sorted out quick smart.

I was feeling flat, un motivated and quite grumpy one day (about week 3 into the summer school holidays 😜 and yes maybe premenstrual 😜) so I said to the kids “let’s get out for a walk and swim”. We went up to our local reserve in Whakamarama – Puketoki Reserve. A friend and her two daughters also came (I love a good mission buddy, and Rie you are always up for one, thank you, you’re awesome 🙌 ).

We walked straight in and onto the long loop track and I was like “let’s go, move, run, pace it, let’s do this”!! All four kids were off, they really didn’t need any encouragement. Rie and I paced it out and stopped for chats when we caught up with the kids. It got our heart rates up, warmed our muscles and cleared the lungs.

That was exactly what I needed.

Towards the end of the walk I had the most amazing moment with a Robin who came and perched on a branch an arm’s length away from my face, it stayed there for a full minute having a good look around and chatting away, it was so special (gutted I didn’t get a video to share with you all, but then again maybe it was just a moment meant for me at that time 🐦 ☮️).

It really reset me and re-sparked my mind. Talk about putting things into prospective.

After we finished the walk, which had a pretty quick start and middle, but a gentler, slower end thanks to the “lesson” from the Robin 🙏, we picnicked under a tree and the kids had a cold refreshing dip in the stream.

Yassssss – all is right in the world again ✌️

Nga mihi, Anita 🥜


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