Maungatautari – Sanctuary Mountain

This amazing eco sanctuary is a must explore. Its 47 km pest-proof fence has created a 3,400 hectare inland mountain island, where native bird life and forest has flourished due to the eradication of all mammalian predators.

We spent just over 2 hours exploring the southern enclosure, Te Tūī a Tāne, though I feel like we only really scraped the surface. It’s like stepping back into ancient NZ forest – the sounds of the birds surround you as soon as you step through the gates and the towering trees dwarf you.

A 16m viewing tower along the Rata track allowed us to sit amongst the treetops giving us a whole other perspective of the forest.

Check out the video of our adventure below and click the link to plan your visit to Maungatautari – Sanctuary Mountain. There is also a cool token the kids can send away for also, just find the code word on the guardian post along the walk and enter your details into the Kiwi Guardians page on DOC’s website.

Happy adventuring  🙌, nga mihi, Anita 🥜




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