20 Free kid friendly outdoorsy School Holidays ideas!

Here at Forest Family we love a list (oh and bullet points)! There’s something satisfying about ticking the jobs off and summarizing things succinctly… therefore we’ve made a list of school holiday outdoor ideas for you guys! Cheap wholesome fun for the whole family (you too mum’s and dad’s)!  Also (in an Aussie accent:) I dare you… double dare…physical challenge (only Antipodean 80’s babes will get that one 😂), to do something off this list and then tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see! #whodareswins #forestfamilynz

  1. Climb a tree (with or without your kids)
  2. Climb a tree and have a picnic up it!
  3. Take the kids to a stream with a net, container and magnifying glass (please return the critters afterwards though). Take your book and a chair😊
  4. Find a new park or bush walk in your home town or city and try it (walk or bike)
  5. Get on the painted rock buzz! There’s sure to be a group in your area.
  6. Try geocaching! Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt!
  7. Go on a magical mystery tour (surprise the kids) and take a picnic
  8. Explore the local park with friends. Let the kids run wild. Take a thermos of hot chocolate for afterwards.
  9. Fly a kite
  10. Walk along the beach and be beach combers. Bring a bag for rubbish too, you good Samaritan you👍 Create something with your findings.
  11. Find out if there are any glow 🐛worm areas nearby and have a night adventure with friends! Listen to the sounds of the night.
  12. Put the tent⛺up in the backyard and have a camping adventure! Check out the stars.
  13. Go fishing🐟 (bait catcher’s count). The kids will love it and you. Take a book and chair if it’s not your usual thing, and gloves in case you end up baiting hooks.
  14. Find a hill and roll down it (you too parents)
  15. Make boats and race them down a stream
  16. Make mud pies, decorate, then throw…
  17. Visit your local library, find a tree and/or bird book then learn to identify the common plants and/or birds in your area. Visit whatbird to help identify calls.
  18. Sign up for the Department of Conservation kiwi guardians here do the activities and collect the medals! Who can collect the most???
  19. Teach the kids how to play spot light in the backyard, the more the merrier. Hot drinks and biscuits afterwards.
  20. Lie on your backs and make shapes with the clouds.

Ok, have fun out there everyone! 😊🌲🍁 Head over to our website and click the “Track Info” page for more ideas in your location.

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