Walking at kids pace

I find that kids have two paces, the slow, almost painful, one for when they are walking with just their family and the fast, fun run, one for when they are “walking” with their friends.

Most of the time when I’m out bush walking, the slow kid’s pace is my kind of pace – cruisey, enjoyable and most importantly pain-free the next day. When they have friends along I generally struggle to keep up with them and keep them in sight.

But this one particular walk to a water hole sticks out in my mind – I found myself getting really frustrated when both of my children were wanting to stop almost every 100m,  but not for a snack or a drink or even to have a little moan …. My then 7-year-old wanted to sketch and my 5-year-old wanted to check things out through his binoculars – isn’t that so cool? – but I was so caught up on my own focus (getting to the water hole) that I had completely disregarded my kids’ own experience.

I really had to check myself – my kids were out on the track looking at things in a completely new way and I was putting a damper on it – what a stink one! I do not want my children associating bush walking with a grumpy mum, which is generally why I find others to walk with = kid swap 😜 – with kids other than my own I find I have all the patience in the world 🤔? Anyone else find this?

So anyway, try to remember that even though it is super important that you enjoy yourself and complete your own mission, it is equally important that we stop and be mindful of our actions so as to not take away from other people’s experiences out on tracks – kids and adults alike.

Was it really that vital that I get to the water hole quickly? …… No, not at all.

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