Solo Mountain Biking and finding my “yoga”🧘‍♀️

Ahh my two loves mountain biking & yoga🧘‍♀️🚵‍♀️. It was a Saturday morning and we had no plans, I badly needed to get on my bike and get some exercise but unfortunately all of my usual bike buddies weren’t available. And so with no one around and a desperate need to get on my bike, my partner encouraged me to go, on my own.

What’s the big deal you may ask? And while I’m sure that for some people it’s not a big deal, I feel that as a woman sometimes going somewhere remote (ish) on our own is a big deal. Anyway that’s how I felt, however I’m a big fan of the “feel the fear and do it anyway” theory. I also reminded myself that I had once traveled for 3 months overseas on my own and although that was scary (the unknown) it was also exhilarating, and massively enriched my life personally. So with that thought in mind I sucked up all my (irrational) worries and set off.

One of the things that I absolutely love about mountain biking is that you are forced to be super present, there is no room for anything but right now or else you are going to arse off/hit a tree/go down a bank etc etc…

As I sped down the hill, winding in and out of the trees I tried to find my flow and feel ok.  When I got to the bottom, I felt really good, I can do this! I then made it up a hill -that I usually have to walk up (feeling super awesome now)! As I made my way uphill again I felt like I really understood the aspects of being irrationally fearful of something (and knowing it) but at the same time acknowledging that the feeling of fear was real.

Anyway, it made me feel empathetic to my 8 year old who feels afraid of the dark sometimes.  Wow- so not only is riding on your own adventurous fun, it is also enlightening! It was on my next downhill that I finally found my “yoga”. What the heck do I mean by that?  I mean I found my flow, I found the yoga I take off the mat and into the world, except I was on my bike. 🚲✌

I am happy to report that this was such an uplifting ride session that I will most definitely be back for some more rides on my tod. It also made me think about other ways I can enjoy time on my own and the simple fact that it is not something I have been doing.  Stepping out from your comfort zone and meeting new people and having new experiences is so super enriching! Carpe diem y’all!

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