Kill two🐦’s with one stone.

I’m a big fan of this (not actually killing birds) but getting two things done simultaneously, however I’m not really talking about multi-tasking either.🤔 Stay with me, for example I often hear mum’s say “I don’t have enough time to”… fit in exercise/do yoga/ journal/meditate/start a side hustle/do art/enjoy a cuppa/read a book/find “me time” etc etc!  And I get it, but at the same time we all have 24 hours in a day right? So it’s about finding time and then making it a real priority. I’m an early bird so for me that means rising 1 hour earlier to do my yoga or read and enjoy my cup of tea before my family gets up. I am not saying that I achieve this daily by the way, and the truth is my kids are also early risers so this can be difficult to achieve, but its my aim and I truly feel great starting my day this way. If I’ve had a rough night (and yup it still happens even though my kids are older now) well yeah I cut myself some slack and stay in bed. But overall it’s my intention to make the time to do those things that make me feel happy = by making them a priority. Its about finding when that time suits you.

One of my favorite ways to “kill two birds with one stone” is by leaving our home half an hour earlier and walking or biking to school with my kids. It is such a wonderful way to start the day. Spent quality time with the kids ✅Got the kids to school✅ Got 30 minutes of exercise✅ Got some fresh air✅Winner!

I have a classic friend who is the master of this (that’s you Selena). We both used cloth nappies when our kids were little, but my hardcore eco friend would even bring them holidaying when she visited us. She would rinse the nappies put it in a sealed tub, fill with water and laundry powder, stick it in the back of her ute and drive home. Washing done✅ and drove back home✅. What a classic kiwi Shelia she is😉!

Anytime I use the the slow cooker I pretty much walk around all day high fiving myself = dinner ✅. My other love is podcasts which I can listen to while doing everyday things like cleaning or even cooking dinner ✅ My absolute favorites are #toughgirl podcast by Sarah Williams (she interviews women adventurer’s and it is MASSIVELY inspiring- honestly go listen straight after this!!!!) also #goaldigger by Jenna Kutcher and #rise podcast by Rachel Holis. A-mazing #girlbosses who interview a fascinating array of entrepreneurs. How about you, what podcasts are you loving? How do you “kill two birds with one stone?”

Nga mihi Tammy

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