Big Little bike tow and Craters of the moon🌜

I have reached an exciting point in my life = mountain biking with my whole family! A few months back I had an epic mountain bike ride in the Redwoods in Rotorua with my 8 year old, some friends and their kids, but after about 4 hours of amazing riding, my son hit the wall and literally had a cry on the side of the track (one too many hills)!😥 The poor wee fella had ran out of steam. I was wishing for something … anything, to help tow him back to the car park. Instead I gave him a lot of cuddles and had a bit of a pep talk about digging deep “imagine your Sir Edmond Hilary🤣🏔 I bet he wanted to give up too”,  and also possibly a few bribes … slowly we made it back. Upon my return home I set about searching the web for some sort of bike tow system and whaddya know I found one just down the road in Rotorua. It is made by a company called Dancing Moose NZ and I have to say, we all, especially the kids, are loving it!

The tow system works for kids who are already riding on their own but need a little help when they get tired, so it is perfect for my two children who are 6 and 8 years old. Plus it has the benefit of being super compact! The idea is that you attach the tow pouch to your saddle rails, then attach the other end to your child’s handle bars and in between is a stretchy strap. It is best to be used on flat or uphill sections of road or mountain bike trails. When you’ve finished towing you simply stash it back into the pouch and carry on. Biking with the tow has allowed us to take the kids further out there on the trails without the worry of the kids getting too tired to ride anymore and not enjoying themselves anymore, which is ace!!!!

We went to Taupo during the Easter school holidays and rode some of the trails at the ‘Craters of the moon’ mountain bike park, where we really put the tow through its paces! Check out the video below of Big G (dad) towing Little G (our 8 year old who you may note in the video is peddling💪) up Tank Stand and then riding down Coaster. We also tested it in the Redwoods in Rotorua towing my 6 year old (who did not pedal😂), pictured above, up the forestry roads and it worked brilliantly.


You can purchase the Big Little Tow online from dancingmoosenz

We’d love to know what adventures you are going on with your families👍 Comment below and tell me where you’ve been 🚵‍♀️🏕 or where you plan to go.




8 thoughts on “Big Little bike tow and Craters of the moon🌜

  1. Viv says:

    Hi, we’re currently looking at getting a tow device for our nearly 4 year old (she on a 14’ just now but it will be a 16’ soon).

    She’s really just clicked on to riding her own pedal bike but I want a system that means I can give her a hand on our urban commutes home when we hit hills to prevent a stale mate.

    I have an 18mth old on a do-little on the front so the “lean and hand push” isn’t really ideal, and the two tow systems I’ve seen are the “big little tow” and the “tow whee”.

    I like NZ made but putting safety and success (not getting wheels tangled) first would you have an opinion as to whether the short tow (big little tow) or the longer tow (tow whee) might result in greater success?



    1. Forestfamilynz says:

      Hi Viv, sorry for the slow reply! I only just saw this message. I researched both before settling on the Big Little Tow. I think its costs around $50 and is NZ made so that’s why I chose it in the end. I haven’t tried the tow whee. But I would say you are best to practice with whatever tow you decide to go with on the flat ground first so your child can learn about the travel distances and using there breaks to not hit your tyre’s. We have taken it on mt bike trails so a lot more technical than what your describing and we haven’t had any accidents so far. Its really stretchy so doesn’t dangle and hasn’t got tangled at all. Hope this helps. Otherwise give Harm a call he’s really nice to talk to.


  2. roonftw says:

    Do try the Big Little Tow from NZ. We love ours! Not affiliated, just a happy customer in Oz. Our riding family friends have Trax or Towhee and find they’re a hassle, or break. This one stows away, out of the way, moves from one bike to another in seconds, seatpost-friendly, and doesn’t jerk (or break). It is just the right length, too – any longer becomes a stowage issue. Two years on and it’s still powering – helping to get Mr 9 all the way to the top, for more DH runs:

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