An honest talk about women, tramping & that vulnerable feeling…

So I was talking with a group of women the other night and I said “we should go on an overnight hut stay together” – to which I got a couple of responses like: 

  • What if some weirdo turns up at night?
  • What if a big hunting party turn up, and it’s just us there?

All the “what if’s…” came out and do you know what?  Sadly it doesn’t surprise me.

I am a women and these “what if’s” are things I have to take into consideration any time I go out walking. It’s always there in the back of my mind … and not necessarily just when I’m on my own.

I’m curious to know if the men out there reading this can tell me, do you think about the what if’s? And if so what are they? I’m fairly certain they will be different from ours and your list not nearly as long but I’d like to know all the same…

I have always walked in groups, safety in numbers and all. But recently I have been gaining the courage to go alone. Its not to say that I am scared of nature, it’s more that I’m scared of coming across a “weirdo” in the bush. Someone who thinks about taking advantage of an isolated situation.

Is this a rational worry?

Sometimes I question myself. But at the end of the day if it is something that pops into my mind, it is valid, and it deserves my attention. I know I am more likely to come across a dangerous situation in a town or city, but it’s still something that I need to consider as a women.

Fear is a natural, normal, healthy and important self preserving emotion. I just have to sit back, acknowledge it, accept it, take precautions to limit the potential dangers and DO IT ANYWAY. Why? because it’s something I love to do and it fills my cup πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ How do you fill your cup?

So ladies, feel the fear and do it anyway, because the more you do it the more comfortable it will feel. 

Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for situations that may arise when in an isolated situation:

  • Have some form of staying in touch with emergency services. I met a solo woman hiker in the Tararua’s that had a personal locator beacon that could send texts through GPS – that way if she injured herself she could contact emergency services.
  • If you are not comfortable alone – go with a more experienced tramper. There are hundreds of tramping groups to connect with and of course you can always join our facebook group –We are always keen for more people to tramp with! πŸ™ŒπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ
  • You could take a self defense class and learn how to defend yourself.
  • Always let someone know where you’re going and how long you’re gonna be. For more great resources to get you on the right track check out mountain safety council
  • Listen to stories of other women who have done solo adventures and be inspired – scroll down to follow our blog πŸ‘. There are soo many others to choose from check out the tough girl podcast

Nga mihi, Anita


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