10 free nature 🌿based activities to try this school holidays!

And just like that school holidays are upon us! 😲😃😍 [insert your emoji below]🍷🛌!

Some parents will be dancing with glee (for a bit🤣) at the lack of routine (me), others may be dreading it due to the struggle of juggling children and work commitments, not to mention the financial costs of school holiday programs… Add the word winter and one can soon start to feel overwhelmed particularly if the weather turns bad and cabin fever sets in! Combat this by grabbing your raincoats and gumboots and heading outdoors for a bit.

My hope for you all is that whatever your circumstances are, you can snatch some quality time to spend with the little urchins, whatever the weather and however this looks! Here are some ideas for you to try, that won’t cost the earth🌍👍

  1. Find a local bush walk and do it! For inspiration check out trail info on our website & discover something new. Tag us in your photos @forestfamilynz
  2. Grab the bikes, pump those tyres up and discover a new trail/ or ride somewhere different in your neighborhood. Mix it up on purpose! Take photos and tag us #
  3. Take the kids to the beach with a couple of ice cream containers and go rock pooling. Just remember a change of clothes a towel and to return the critters back to their habitat.
  4. Go bug hunting in a local park with friends. Followed by a pot luck picnic! Gear: Magnifying glasses and a couple of containers. Attitude: Curious!
  5. Go for a wander, take a “treasure satchel” aka a bag and collect “marvelous treasures”!  At home display them on a “nature table” or the kitchen table! Make a mobile or do leaf rubbings, then display proudly.
  6. Even though its cold my kids still love to get wet! So on a sunny day you could take them for a splash in a local creek/estuary or the ocean. Otherwise I recommend one of our many wonderful hot pools! Check out #grabone for deals.
  7. Make or download a scavenger hunt, then set up in the backyard or house. Older kids might want to create this for the younger ones. Probably chocolate involved!
  8. Discover somewhere new! A new suburb/park/trail/city/road #tikitour
  9. Make a hut with the kids outside! It might be on the beach out of driftwood, or in the backyard with a sheet #getinvolved
  10. Go beach-combing then create/make/display. Take a photo and be sure to #tagus

I expect my next 2 weeks will hold as much fishing as possible, knowing my two boys!😉🐟

#natureisgoodforyoursoul  #rainydayadventuring #justdoit #screentimeinmoderation #becurious #getoutdoors #gobarefoot

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