Lindemann Loop Track, Katikati

Last winter I took my two boys out to walk the Lindemann track, near Katikati with some friends and their children. Between us there were 6 kids, then aged between 4-7 yrs old. I wrote this story over a year ago, but had to hold off publishing it because the Department of Conservation closed the track due to the kauri dieback threat. The track has remained closed for the last year so they could upgrade the tracks to protect the kauri’s root system and help prevent the spread of this disease. But I have great news! The track has re-opened, so go check it out!

When we did this track we didn’t consider walking the 11km, 5 hr loop with the kids (as much as I love a loop track) we just walked a few hours in and back the same way, happy days.

I was told there was a waterfall somewhere… but after ~1 ½ hrs of walking we still hadn’t come across it, and so we decided to turn back. This turned out to be a good plan as the littlest got quite tired and started stumbling a lot. It is very hard work trying to keep up with those fast, often running 7 year old’s!

The track is well marked, but has muddy sections (in winter), slippery rocks in the un-bridged (shallow) stream crossings, and the track is uneven with lots of roots and rocks which the youngest (4) found challenging.  Marvelous fun in summer I imagine!


There is one part of the track after the largest stream crossing with a small waterfall (~ 30 mins in), where the track heads up hill and has a steep drop off. I must admit I walked very close to Mr 4 in case he stumbled.

To combat tiredness on the return journey we played games. The muddy sections became “the boggy bog” – you’d better watch out! Scrambling through fallen branches and “help its got me!” Red clay rock section became “hot lava” run! This helped Mr 4 & 5 keep walking and having fun. Mr 5 fell over and banged his knee on a rock (ouch!) thank goodness for ‘sour snake’ lollies and the strength of the mamas to carry the little ones!

For more details on this track visit our website- -trail information- Bay of Plenty or click here.





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