“Let them be bored for a bit”

I was at my sons Rippa Rugby game one day and a couple of the teachers from his school had come to watch. Upon noticing some children on the side-lines sitting down looking at iPad screens (maybe siblings of players waiting their game), one teacher said “now I know I am the technology teacher, but just let them be bored for a bit”

This got me thinking ……

Technology or screens in particular are so often used to distract or entertain whilst we parents are busy doing something else, whether that be something super important or not – I know for me sometimes I feel so busy and my mind is so full that I am just not up for the debate.

But kids do just need to be bored sometimes. Kids need to know how to stop, be present in the moment and be ok with it. Band-aiding kids boredom by means of distraction just stumps creativity. They will eventually “fix” the boredom themselves.

Often in my house when the screen time is over, it is met with quite a bit of moaning and “It’s just got 3 minutes to go” or “Can I just finish this episode” etc etc. My rule is if there is resistance to turning it off then the privilege is lost (for a certain time period, the length of time dependant on how much of a fight is put up).

I find my children are just nicer humans when not consumed by screen time, their imaginations spark when faced with boredom and beautiful things happen:

  • Games are created using all sorts of materials
  • Teamwork is in full swing (less fighting)
  • Huts are built
  • Artwork flows


(Rippa Rugby at home rips using flax for rips 👍)

Our world now is full of things and tools to make things easier and more convenient. Now I can see both the positives and the negatives of this change in society,  but it is also just a change that needs to be worked with and boundaries set to insure we don’t get complacent, and let the world go by us all unconsciously.

I want to teach my children to not just accept the easy route, challenge it and themselves – to be resilient.

Nga mihi, Anita 🥜✌️🌿



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