Geocaching 🌍what is it and how can I do it?

My kids and I have recently rediscovered geocaching, we gave it a go a few years back and all loved it, but I had a truly terrible phone with no capacity to download apps so that was the end of that… and then we forgot about it. That is until the last school holidays when my mate asked us to come with her and her son on a geocaching mission in Athenree.

So what actually is it? Geocaching, is basically a world wide treasure hunting game.

The first step is to download the app, (we have the free version). Next click on the map (that will show you where the geocaches in your neck of the woods are), then just pick a place to start, follow the given clues and use your phone like a GPS to find the treasure (aka geocache)! 😊Honestly it’s so much fun!

Once you find the cache (usually a small container or jar) open it up and see what’s inside. There is usually a notepad and pencil, so you can log that you’ve found it (you also log that you’ve found it on your phone), and often small toys. The kids love this bit, you can select one and then replace it, just remember to bring something. Then hide the cache again for the next geocacher’s to find! Watch out that you are discreet when doing so, otherwise it might get tampered with or taken by muggles! Check out the short video of our Athenree mission, where we discover an amazing & secret track!

Best things about Geocaching:

  • Discovering new places!
  • Kids loving being outdoors!
  • Family friendly activity
  • Treasure hunting!
  • Kids using their writing skills in log book!
  • Having fun together!
  • Being in outdoors!

Mercifully I have a much better phone these days and therefore so have the capacity to actually download the app because this is something we will happily continue to do!



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