Peach Cove Hut = Little Gem 🏞

The bush surrounding Peach Cove Hut is stunning – think tropical jungle 🌴 We explored here during the October school holidays and the bird song was amazing, and Kaka everywhere!!

With just a couple of hours walk up and over a saddle, this really is a little gem for the family 🌿 🥾 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Click here for more track info.

Our walk started from the Peach Cove car park and it took us approximately 2 hours to get to the hut with three children aged 6,7 & 8. After our magical stay, we convinced the kids to walk out along the Te Whara track to the Ocean Beach car park (we parked a car there just in case we came out this way, but it’s not too far to walk back to the Peach Cove car park if you don’t have two cars with you).

The Te Whara track way out was quite a bit longer and a lot more uphill for the little darlings. It took us roughly 4 hours from the hut to get to Ocean beach. We had one decent lunch stop and plenty of “micro stops” as my 8 year old calls them (lots of important conversations about resilience and enjoying the journey were had). It was the longest walk my 6 year old had done and it was only in the last half an hour that I had to carry 2 extra bags, they did so well 💪, they then stripped off their tops and ran the rest of the way down.

A great trip ending with a swim at the beach for the kids whilst the mums watched on enjoying a beer 🍺😂 🥾👍

 Cheers 🥜✌️Anita


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