25 days of self kindness🤶🎅

Tomorrow is the 1st of December, meaning there’s no denying it, Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a crazy busy time of year wherever you are in the world, but here in NZ everything comes to head at Christmas time with summer holidays and the end of the school year! I find things have a way of speeding up as well- there seem to be a hundred and one social engagements, school prize givings, school trips, not to mention Xmas shopping, plus those work deadlines so you can take a holiday etc etc. It’s so busy! Am I right?!

Therefore we would like to dedicate the next 25 days to self 🌞kindness as a reminder to look after yourself as well.

Recently my mindfulness teacher asked us this question: “in the last week can you think of a time when…”

  1. someone showed you kindness?
  2. you showed kindness to someone else?
  3. you showed kindness to yourself?

I noticed a lot of people struggled with the last one, which I found very interesting! What about you, how did you go answering these questions???

As a parent I know first hand that looking after yourself sometimes takes a back seat.  I was pretty terrible at asking for help or even realizing I needed it when the kids were little. I was in survival mode there for quite a while! During this time I met a friend who also had little kids, but I noticed that was she was good at asking for help, recognizing when she needed a break and doing what she needed to do to feel balanced and well.

I started to take note… Here was a mama who was unabashedly prioritizing herself! Respect👊

What are the benefits to us and our families if we are looking after ourselves physically and mentally? What are the detrimental effects if we don’t?

It’s taken me a while to figure out what I need to feel balanced and energized, but now I’m actually quite good at it! The thing is, if I fill my cup up I have more to give to my kids, my partner, my family and my friends. To anyone I interact with. And that to me is completely worth it.

How are you looking after yourself?

😍To get a little nudge in the right direction or to check in for daily reminders on self kindness this December follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

☮ Arohanui whanuau



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