Slow adventuring

Doesn’t that sound appealing! I read a book recently by Penny Watson called Slow Travel which showcased wonderful places in the world to slow travel, the benefits of connecting with people and nature, stories from other slow travelers, companies that offer slow travel experiences and ways to travel slowly i.e train, bicycling, canoeing, walking.

So what exactly is slow travel or adventuring you ask?

Slow travel is about resetting, it’s about connecting to yourself, others and nature, it’s about being present & open to life, magnifying joy and of course slowing down.

Life in the modern world is (as we know) extremely busy. Commonly asked questions are “have you had a busy day” to which we answer “yes”, commonly answered questions to “how was your day?” are “it’s been crazy busy!” Perversely there seems to be a certain pride in rushing through our daily lives, in being “crazy busy”. But are we really coping? Mental health and anxiety are on the rise and we are more disconnected from nature than ever.

Have you ever come back from a holiday and said “I need a holiday from my holiday!” Yeah me too! However my most recent holiday was a 5 day camping trip to the isolated Coromandel peninsula and I really got into the gorgeousness of simple pleasures and slow living and I came home feeling so relaxed and refreshed that I’m very keen to try more conscious slow adventure and travel!


Essentials for slow “mini” adventures: A curious mind, the courage to slow down and breathe, a willingness to create/set aside some time (a minimum of half and hour- the longer the better), perhaps your old digital camera, try putting your phone on silent (maybe one day you will even be able to leave it at home entirely!)😮🤣🤣 A paper map, pack a picnic and water if venturing further, a pad and pen, and walking shoes.

Here are some slow “mini” adventures suggestions to try:

– walking in nature with others, walking in nature alone, sitting in nature aka “forest bathing”, canoeing or kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, making a camp fire (except when there’s a fire risk!), camping,  hiking to the top of a hill, riding your bike, a car trip with no real destination, take a yoga or meditation class, invite your friends around for a slow cooked meal, star gazing, write a postcard or letter, a star filled night walk, fly fishing, wild swimming, talking to a stranger, sitting alone without distracting yourself with your phone- just sitting.

If you still don’t know where to start take the lead from the kids, they are pretty amazing at this! Just go with it.

To get you in the mood

  • read: Slow Travel by Penny Watson, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert , Succulent Wild Woman by SARK, Wreck this book by Keri Smith,
  • watch: Eat, Pray, Love.
  • listen: WOMAD compilations on Spotify, Happy Place podcast by Fearne Cotton, Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast, The Slow Home podcast

It’s my dream that people will start to re-connect with nature and realize we are all interconnected and not separate. Slow adventuring and travelling is totally a great place to start.

☮Aroha Tammy


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