30 days of fun activities for families self-isolating🏡🍂🌲

Kia ora dear whanau. While mother earth takes a massive break and families around the world are self-isolating to protect each other & everyone around them, most of us have suddenly found ourselves with more of that elusive and valuable asset – time!

Approaching this pandemic with a positive attitude can be helpful, but I realize that this can be a difficult time on a practical level when we are all cooped up together, especially if you are trying to work or study from home. The thought of a whole month (😲+) has left some wondering how on earth they will get through the month of confinement without going stir crazy! Therefore I’ve made you a list of suggestions or ideas to get you started, because this is an opportunity to make this an overall joyful experience with our families.

👉START: I came up with the idea of an “idea jar” on day 1 and it’s been a total winner! I totally recommend starting here, selecting a piece of paper from the idea jar is the first thing the kids do upon waking. Here are some ideas for you or your jar.

P.s. I will highlight (*) the ideas where the kids can just do it themselves (it will depend on your kids age but most will work for 4+ years) – then you can get on with a little work or just have a break!!😊☕

  1. *Water pistol fight, + create “bases/forts”. My kids came up with this idea the other day on their own and had a ball for quite some hours!
  2. Baking– here’s a great FLOUR FREE recipe from Nadia Lim. * If your kids are old enough (mine are 7 & 9 years and made it on their own).
  3. *Playdough (I realize flour is a precious commodity so once you’ve made it, store it in a zip-lock bag to re-use). Once you’ve made it leave the kids to create on their own. I used to make this Playcentre recipe often when the kids were small.
  4. Science– Here is what we did! DIY Stalagmite. Pinterest has many more great ideas!
  5. Walks- Thankfully 🙏 here is New Zealand we are allowed to go for walks in our local areas, even just a stroll around the block will do wonders!
  6. Cyco family- Get on your bikes! To learn how to check your bike before you ride click here
  7. *Nature scavenger hunt- Download a free printable- here
  8. *Backyard or indoor treasure hunt, a pre-Easter 🐣 warm up! Create a map or get the kids to.
  9. Green fingers- Gardening with kids, we are learning to sprout an avocado stone. See here.
  10. Side walk chalk- Here’s how to make Sidewalk chalk paint with only 3 simple ingredients!
  11. Acting action- When I was a kid my cousins & I would teach each other short skits, we’d practise them, sometimes we created a “theater” and charged admission. It was bloody great fun! – Skits for kids
  12. Board games– Wet day? Dig out the board games and have a game day. Maybe not monopoly, that always seems to cause a major rift in my family – anyone else?? My kids don’t know it yet but I bought a game called Unstable unicorns which I am looking forward to playing when we are struggling for ideas.
  13. Bust out some old school games–  3 legged race, egg & spoon, sack race, wheel barrow!
  14. *Sock war – Really the same concept as the water pistol fight with bases etc but indoors and with socks!
  15. *Balloons & bubbles–  For the younger kids you might need to supervise the bubble mixture. My boys still love bubbles & balloons! Massive water balloons anyone?!
  16. *Obstacle course– With a little guidance the kids could be left to their own devices to create an obstacle course (outdoors ideally, but indoors if rainy or if outdoors isn’t an option). Check out this great obstacle course👉 activ8 fitness boot camp
  17. Backyard camping- Why not? Toast some marshmallows too!
  18. *Yoga for kids @ cosmic kids yoga or yoga with adriene (my favourite). My friend said her boys were happy to try “yoga for surfers” so perhaps searching key words might bring you more luck with the boys particularly i.e yoga for bikers, yoga for skaters etc…
  19. *Become a collector:  Start a collection of nature treasures and set up a nature table to display your latest finds!
  20. Become a birder🦜! Learn how to do the Landcare nz bird survey
  21. Night escapades!  Go for a family night walk around the block, what can you see or hear that’s different? Remember your torch though!
  22. Autumn craft– what about doing some leaf prints these are easy and relatively mess free as you print with felts, but you could do the same thing with paint too.
  23. Easter craft! Finally some time to try make some of these painted eggs with the kiddos! Or decorate with temporary tattoos!
  24. More science– try making this bottle rocket– my kids would love this (must do!)
  25. Leaf mobile– 🍁 collect some beautiful autumn leaves and hang on an interesting stick with string. New decoration!
  26. *Bug hunt! 🦋🐛🕷You are Charles Darwin exploring your backyard with new found eyes! Can you discover any new bugs? Can you identify them? How to here
  27. *Frozen nature! What can you find in your backyard? Leaves? Flowers? Freeze them – then outside, try to chisel it out outside.Click here for inspiration!
  28. *Nature mandala! Collect different shades of leaves, sticks and flowers and create a mandala.
  29. Pressed flowers + leaves– turn into artwork or cards once ready. Mother’s day is coming up 😉😉 hint hint! Click here for a link to Pressed flowers without a press.
  30. Stream study- Find a stream or creek near you and using the kitchen sieve (if ok) or a net if you have one see if you can find any invertebrates or small fish? Remember to put them back afterwards. Check out this information on how to from Kids conservation club

Please tag forestfamilynz on instagram and facebook to share your marvelous creations!

🌿🌲🍂Not all classrooms have 4 walls. Have fun, slow down, be present, sit in the sunshine, practice gratitude, be kind & love.🥰✌



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