Lockdown Reflection

After looking through some of my posts from the last couple of years, I came across one about hiking off the Christmas food coma. And well I think it’s safe to say that once we are allowed out, then I will definitely have some extra lockdown/COVID-19 pounds to deal to (well those and some study ones too 🤦‍♀️).

My family has quite a few birthdays in April, and even though we can’t be together in person doesn’t mean we have held back on the celebrations 🤣 🥂 and all thanks to the internet and modern technology we can be face to face in other ways.

So lately during this COVID-19 lockdown, I have started to reflect on what is really important – anyone else been doing this? Some questions I am continually asking myself are: What things/people/activities do I take for granted? and What of those can I not do without? How do I want to do things from now on? Do I really want to go back to doing the same things the same way? This led me to a to think about what I want to do post lockdown:

  1. Go Bush 🌿🌳 🌲🍂 – this will be the very first thing I do! I am very fortunate to live in a fantastic little community next to the harbour and can get out for beautiful walks on a regular basis, but oh how I am missing my bush walks!
  2. See my family and friends 🙋‍♀️ and give them a hug 🥰
  3. Live more locally and simply:
    • Take more notice of who I am actually supporting and how much I am really consuming – is anyone taking more notice of their rubbish output during the lockdown?
    • Make more things from scratch – surely by now we have all nailed a good homemade bread 🥖
    • Spending more conciously – the people I know who the lockdown has affected the least, are the ones in the least amount of debt, living as efficiently as they can (this I think takes effort 💪,  sacrifice 🙅 and maybe a little bit of luck 🍀).
  4. Volunteer more often 🤲 – I have the same amount of hours in my day as Jacinda Ardern right?
  5. Go to the beach and have a swim 🏊‍♀️ – Why do I not swim as often? Irrational fear? Shy and uncomfortable in a bathing suit?

All these thing require more of one thing from me – Time. It is our most valuable resource and making a more conscious decision on how to use it …. that is where it is at for me going forward. It’s time to get ourselves into a position where the want for more/new/better things (therefore the want to make more money) doesn’t rule our life – Time over Money/Material gains.

What improvements/adjustments will you be making post-lockdown?

Keep up the good mahi Aotearoa 👍

Anita✌️ 🌿🥜





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