Whiskers on kittens 🐱 & warm woollen mittens 🧤…

These are a few of my favorite things…

32 days, that’s how long I’ve been in my bubble with my little whanau and no doubt many of you reading this will be hitting similar milestones! On day one of self isolation I came up the genius😂 concept of an “ideas jar” which was a real hit. But gradually, over time its joyful contents were emptied and it sat empty and idle. We decided we required a different kind of outlet and so it was transformed into a “wish jar”. It now contains our wishes,  little things that right now seem like big things due to them currently being beyond our reach … things like hanging out with mates, fishing off the wharf, going surfing, bush walking, staying in a hut, travelling somewhere new, getting a haircut and even buying new undies! All those things we took for granted as we flitted around in our busy, busy lives…

The past month has bought many gifts to me and my family (& I hope to you and yours). The biggest has been time, really good quality time and I’m so grateful for that. Of course like anyone we have had our ups and downs (its not all  🌈& 🦄) and like many I have felt worried & anxious, I’ve felt the vastness of uncertainty and have had family affected overseas by this terrible virus.

But here living as presently as possible, I feel my family and I have embraced this new slow pace of life positively, we have experimented with our creativity, fallen back in step with nature, talked to old neighbours, met new neighbours, exercised, star gazed, backyard camped, read, baked cookies, we have rested, played together, phoned friends, gardened, tackled niggly jobs, nourished our bodies and have been reminded how little we actually need to be content.

During this down time I’ve enjoyed looking back at some old photographs and memories. The ones below capture some of the things that make me happy and some that I’m looking forward to doing again soon x

What are you looking forward to? Love to hear your thoughts x

Kia kaha, we got this👊 Stay well, stay home.



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