Happy Mothers Day!

Tomorrow in New Zealand it’s mothers day, I remind my family all week so they know it’s important to me! 😂 In my family it’s not so much about gifts as making that person feel extra special and acknowledged for e.g. breakfast in bed, lots of cuddles, a handmade card and some flowers from the garden and no chores, and that’s just right if you ask me. 🥰

This celebration comes at the right time because if we ever needed a extra little special treatment and recognition it would be right now! And hey, if it’s not mother’s day in your neck of the woods 👉why not just claim ours tomorrow as your own- you deserve it!


To all the mamas, just know that you ARE doing great! We ALL have our good days and our bad days. We are all just doing our best, so let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Listen to your body more, she is wisdom. If you need to lie down for 20 minutes- DO IT! If you need to run a bath and read for a while – DO IT. If you have to put the TV on so you can have some time to look after yourself – DO IT. GUILT FREE. Find small ways to replenish and nourish yourself. Eat well and move.You deserve it. There actually isn’t a medal for worn out and exhausted mama… It’s OK to ask for help. In fact please do. Treat yourself kindly for you are very loved. I wish all the mamas out there the best day.❤

Nga mihi



2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. Stephanie Coote says:

    Happy Mother’s Day dear Tammy Beautiful words you have posted. With Love to you and yours Stephanie🤗

    Sent from my iPhone



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