How to fail at short walks with kids!


🤦‍♀️Failure to remember our child’s raincoat, so we fashioned one out of a rubbish bag!😂

🤦‍♀️Failure to circumnavigate Lake Rotopounamu track an easy grade, 5 km track around the lake. The kids were not having it this day! Another time!??


🤦‍♀️My failure to let the kids climb anything with serious heights. This is Paritutu Rock in Taranaki, which you partly climb by using a chain. My partner climbed up but I couldn’t let the kids do it (sorry boys). I just can’t handle kids & heights! I’m fine on my own but not with them there…. anyone else get this!??

🤦‍♀️Failure to walk around the Mt (Mt Maunganui) in under 3 hours! Ha-ha this day the kids decided to go “off road” and walked up every little goat track on the side of the main track. This 45 minute track took us over 3 hours😂 I did not have the buggy but they were so happy so some days you just gotta roll with it, and go at kids pace.

So there are some of our walking failures… I’ve realized I didn’t take photos of a few other occasions when things didn’t go as planned -like when my eldest son fell in a stream and got completely drenched or when I had to carry one or another because they were too tired to walk any longer! But as I flicked through the images I was reminded of our many successes too. So keep trying out there folks! Failing and succeeding together.


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