Family Mt Bike🚵‍♀️ Weekend, Rotorua/Whakarewarewa.

I ❤❤❤ a mountain 🚲 gang! Ain’t nothing better. Totally my happy place😊 Luckily my whole family is on this same buzz, so we all ride together quite a bit!

We had a fun weekend away in Rotorua recently and it was so cool because our kids (aged 7 & 9) now ride the same grade trails as we do, and holy moly they are getting really fast! Their bike jumping skills have far exceeds my own these day… Something I’d like to work on, but man they are fearless! Its pretty epic riding with them, they are usually the youngest kids we see out their riding intermediate grade trails. #endurance!

Here’s a sample of what trails we rode: Lions tail, Be rude not to, Mad if you don’t, Challenge, Dipper & Rosebank. That’s a couple of hours of riding right there and aside from Dipper (which is grade 2 and my youngest’s favorite) they are all grade 3 /intermediate trails. We also took the kids to Dodzy’s skills park which they loved!


If you are curious about starting out there are so many great family friendly/ beginner bike trails to try at the Redwoods/ Whakarewarewa. To visit the Redwoods website click here to find out more about the trails and activities available.

Warning: Mountain biking is seriously addictive! 

😊✌🚲🌿Hope to see ya out on the trails soon!



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