Did you know that 30% of New Zealand’s land area is protected conservation land,  and with 13 national parks and roughly 15,000 km’s of coastline, we really are a spectacularly unique country!

Mountain ranges, national parks, volcanic landscapes and the thousands of kilometers of beaches, are all perfect places to play with your friends and family, on an afternoon, weekend or a well-deserved holiday. The best part about it, is how close all these places are! You can be out at the coast surfing, swimming or hunting in the rock pools and by the afternoon you could be on the top of a mountain, snowboarding, hiking or just sitting back enjoying the view!

Our precious natural environment is home to many native animal species too, such as the mischievous kea (native alpine parrot), the infamous kiwi bird and the tuatara, “a living dinosaur”. Our native flora is just as special and unique as the fauna, for example the unique koru/spiral shape of the Silver Fern, which is synonymous with being a New Zealander- (and of course the All Blacks!) These plants are commonly found dotted around in the under-story of the forest. We also have our massive and ancient Kauri trees. These giant and magnificent trees can grow up to 50m tall and its trunk can be up to 5m wide.

These are just a couple of examples of the spectacular natural wonders you can experience whilst out “getting amongst it” as we say.  We never want to take for granted the uniqueness of our beautiful land, we hope that by sharing our love of the NZ bush here and empowering families to get together and get into nature, we will in turn  help to instill a passion for the environment and help build the next generation of kaitiaki o te whenua (guardians of the land).


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