Forest Family is an outdoor lifestyle company focused on highlighting the joy that getting into nature can bring each of us. We will be showcasing hikes and mountain bike trails from around NZ (& the world) that are family friendly and accessible to any of us, from beginner to expert, young to old.

We believe that nature feeds the mind, body and soul and that getting our kids (and ourselves) outdoors and off technology is a positive and healthy experience, one that is free and accessible to all New Zealanders.  It is our aim to promote and empower others to go and have adventures and create beautiful memories.

We will be writing regular blogs about our own personal family experiences on hikes and bike trails. We will be detailing what to expect, how we did it with our children, challenges we faced and highlights along the way.  We will include short videos so you can get a quick overview on what to expect and some beautiful pictures too.

We are looking for contributors to write about their personal family hiking or biking experiences on tracks around NZ, this will also help to enlarge our track guide data set quicker. So please get in touch with us if your interested in writing an article or just a nutshell and we will email you a brief on what would be required.

We love hearing about other people’s experiences and finding out about new places to visit!