Hiya, welcome! Here are some links to non-trail specific blogs that we’ve written, by rough category. We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve come up with because we enjoyed writing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Biking with kids

Sharing the trail

Towing kids on bikes

How to fail at biking with kids

  • Nature Play/education-

30 days of fun activities for families self-isolating

Starting out early on the trails with the kids

Exploring a new track

Role modelling -screen time

Walking at kids pace

How nature helps improve eyesight

How to get more nature into our busy lives

Top 5 tips for walking withย over 5 year olds

Top 5 tips for walking with under 5’s

Let them be bored for a bit

Geocaching, what is it and how can I do it?

  • Mindfulness/Personal Growth/Self development-

Anita’s 1st overnight tramp

Special guest Roz- nutritional health

The joy of one thing at a time

Setting New Year resolutions with life coach Kate Apanui

Letting off steam in nature

Finding time

Mt biking solo and yoga

Mulit-tasking, the nature way

Women, tramping and that vulnerable feeling

Mind over matter

Precious me time

Overcoming fear

Bathe in the present moment

Lock down takeways

Happy Mothers Day 2020

My perception- Lock-down related

Lock-down reflections

Nothing much

  • School/Public Holiday activities

Anita’s school holiday wish list

Kick the xmas food coma

20 Cheap or free outdoor activities for kids

10 free nature based school holiday activities

School Holiday ideas

Father’s Day 2019

25 days of self-kindness

  • Aotearoa/New Zealand topics

New Year day tramp 2019 East to West

Oxfam Trail walker training 2019

French Pass road trip

They are us & what it means to be a kiwi

The loss of the backyard

Maori language week 2019

  • Bush knowledge/safety/craft/law-

How to ๐Ÿ’ฉ correctly in the bush!

Hut etiquette

Stream crossings