How do you decide the tracks difficulty? We use the Department of Conservations hiking and mountain biking track grades.

How are the tracks marked? All Department of Conservation tracks are marked with orange triangles. Always stay on the marked track.

Where do we check the weather forecast? We use met service and metvuw

We don’t own fancy outdoor gear, can we still go for a hike? We highly recommend that you carry a quality waterproof jacket for each family member when hiking. The weather in NZ is unpredictable. Having inadequate gear can make or break the enjoyment levels of everyone in your party.  Cold wind and/ or rain leaves you vulnerable to exposure and in the worst case scenario, hypothermia a potentially fatal condition.

As for footwear depending on where you are hiking and for how long, sturdy sneakers or trainers are fine but be prepared for them to potentially get muddy and wet. Boots are nice to have and preferable when you start to do longer hikes, hiking involving altitude or carrying packs (or children!) as they support your ankles. They also keep your feet much dryer overall.