Daly’s Clearing Hut


  • Location: Kaimai Mamaku Forest, Bay of Plenty. Access from Franklin road end.
  • DOC duration: 1-3       Forest Family: Just under 2 hrs from car to the hut (very accurate signs) walked with a 5 & 7 year old (includes short snack/drink stops)
  • DOC Track Grade: Easy
  • Highlights/features: Walking through farmland, walking alongside a beautiful river, finding old tramway nails, wet mossy walls, lush forest, getting to the hut and the fact you can choose to do a loop walk or return the same way.
  • Read our entertaining blog here (part one) and here  (part two).
  • For more info please see DOC wesbite: Daly’s Clearing Hut
  • Side notes: DOC grades the Daly’s Clearing Loop track as “advanced”see- Daly’s Clearing Loop Track) for more info.  Also this hut has NO fireplace, track is VERY muddy in winter! Standard hut ticket required.



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