Lane Cove Hut, Northland


  • Location:  Lane Cove, Whangaroa area, Northland
  • Access: The Wairakau Stream Track starts at the end of Campbell Road in Totara North, this track leads you to the Lane Cove Hut and the start of the Duke’s Nose (Kairara Rocks) Track.
  • DOC Duration: 1 – 3 hours   Forest Family: 3 hours to the hut and 3.5 back out with 7 adults and 7 children aged 4 -10 years old, a few good stops enjoyed along the way.
  • Track Grade: Intermediate
  • Highlights/Features: This track firstly goes up an old farm road, once at the top the walking track starts and descends through beautiful bush until you meet the Wairakau Stream. Here the fun begins with two stream crossings within 100m. After this point you follow the edge of the harbour, with stunning rock faces jutting out everywhere and mangroves lining the harbour edges. Along this section there is also lots of evidence of early Maori and European settlement. There was a very interesting in-depth pamphlet in the hut explaining the history of the area.
  • Notes: This is a serviced hut that can sleep 16, bookings are essential as this is a locked hut. Please take care when attempting stream crossings and do not cross if flow is swift or deep. No dogs or fires allowed in this area due to the threat to Kiwi.

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