Mangakara Nature Walk, Pirongia


  • Location: Pirongia Forest Park, Waikato.
  • Access: Mangakara Nature Walk Carpark at the end of Grey Road, Pirongia
  • DOC Duration: 1 hour    Forest Family: We were on the track for approimately 2 hours with a 2 and 4 year old, though 30 minutes of this was snack stops and a long stop at the stream.
  • Track Grade: Easy. Has some steps so not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs.
  • Highlights/Features: This is a great short walk for littlies. My two, aged 2 and 4, managed this walk well, we had only short stints of carrying them. They had loads of fun riding logs, playing peek a boo, throwing pooh sticks and even dunked their feet into the freezing cold stream, dad was brave enough to take the kids across to the other side. There are a number of signsposts giving information about the different trees and how special the area is, great educational walk for kids, though mine were maybe a little young to take it in.
  • Notes: There are toilets at the carpark. No dogs allowed.

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