Orakawa Bay


Location: Access from Waihi Beach. This track is tide dependent therefore you must check the tides before you set out! Visit metservice for tide times. You won’t be able to access the track at high tide or return to the car park if you get this wrong!

Track grade: DOC: “easy” walking track. *Note- it is a bit hilly with some loose gravel, there is a section with steep drops on the side of the track and the usual tree roots.

Track Times: DOC times: 45 minutes to Orakawa Bay. Forest Family: 45 minutes to 1 hr with a 4 & a 6 year old.

Note: There is a long drop (toilet) just before you drop down into Orakawa Bay. Otherwise there are no other facilities out here. You therefore need to be prepared.

*This beach is not considered safe for swimming due to the steep grade of the seafloor, but is lovely for picnicking under the over hanging pohutakawa trees.

For more information on this walk check out our blog about Orakawa Bay and/or click here to visit the DOC website and for more information on this track.

Note: If your feeling very adventurous, have older kids, are out for a walk on your own or with other adults you can keep walking further along this track for a few more hours. See the DOC link above for more information on this.

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