Pa Kereru Loop Track

(updated in January 2020)


  • Location: Kaimai Mamaku forest, Bay of Plenty.
  • Access: End of Whakamarama Rd, also known locally as ‘The Blade’. You can start the Leyland O’Brien track here too.
  • DOC duration: 40 minutes.  Forest Family duration: ~40 minutes (with three kids aged 8, 7 & 6 years old).
  • Track grade: This track is currently unclassified by DOC, who’s grades we normally use. Now that the signage has been updated, we deem the track to be an easy grade.
  • Highlights/features: Short wilderness experience, boardwalks through open-shrub land, beautiful native forest, native birds such as robins, grey warbler, tomtits and kereru, bridges, and evidence of the historic tramways.
  • Shout out: To the Mahi Boys who did the majority of the work on this track through their Work Programme, which is supporting men with their mental health. Click here to read more about their contribution:

This track was updated and officially opened in November 2019. It now has great signage as to the start of the tracks and directions overall, it is well graded and has many little bridges and stretches of boardwalk. However …please read below 👇for more clarity.

  • Track Info: From the car park there are 3 possible routes to take each stating Pa Kereru loop track. I would recommend taking the track on the right (nearest the digger blade) and doing an anti-clockwise loop. The sign states: Pa Kereru Loop -40 mins return to the car park. It is much clearer when you come to the junctions as to where to head.


However if you do it via the track on the left (nearest the toilet)👇 you will see this sign.

IMG_6601Be aware that after ~5 minutes you will come to a track junction and you will see this sign.

To continue on the Pa Kereru track you need to follow the track to the Leyland O’Brien tramline track (5 min) and then turn right at the next signposted junction. We got this wrong on our first go (as isn’t stated on the sign)… and ended up coming up the middle track (back to the car park) after only 10 minutes of walking!

Here are a few more pictures to entice you!

Have fun exploring! 🌿 Find and follow us on Facebook to stay updated with more family friendly adventures! Love to hear how you get on walking this track, comment below or PM us.



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