Understanding the start of the Leyland O’Brien Tramline Track

Hi! I have created a video to try and help people understand the very confusing beginning to starting a hike from the Leyland O’Brien Tramline car park aka the Blade, at the end of Whakamarama Rd.

This area and hikes are only recommended to those with excellent bush/forest navigational skills. DO take a map or GPS (if you have one). There is NO cellphone coverage here. Be smart & check the weather as the rivers can rise quickly, and always tell someone where you are going.

Apart from the complete lack of signage at the car park there are actually many tracks you can access from here which are really great! Check out the DOC website here for more information.

There are four entry points into the bush from the car park + one 4 wheel drive track. Only 1 of these entry points have a sign (Pa Kereru). I will try to make another video about this in the future. This one is really only to access the Leyland O’ Brien which also leads to the Ngamawahine track and Hurunui Hut amongst others.

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