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🌿🌳 Want more time in nature?🌱

I read something earlier this year about questioning yourself before committing to something, to anything actually. If your initial response isn’t  a “Hell YES!” Then it’s a NO. 👉Thank you my girl Rachel Hollis. Because let’s face it we all have a lot on… Continue Reading “🌿🌳 Want more time in nature?🌱”

The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body 💪

So I thought I’d share a little personal story of mine from my first multi-night hike and how I learnt first-hand that your mind can control what limitations are actually there. I always tend to feel quite nervous/excited before new walks, the unknown and getting outside… Continue Reading “The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body 💪”

Kill two🐦’s with one stone.

I’m a big fan of this (not actually killing birds) but getting two things done simultaneously, however I’m not really talking about multi-tasking either.🤔 Stay with me, for example I often hear mum’s say “I don’t have enough time to”… fit in exercise/do yoga/… Continue Reading “Kill two🐦’s with one stone.”

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