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🌿🌳 Want more time in nature?🌱

I read something earlier this year about questioning yourself before committing to something, to anything actually. If your initial response isn’t  a “Hell YES!” Then it’s a NO. 👉Thank you my girl Rachel Hollis. Because let’s face it we all have a lot on…

Cheers Dads 🍻 Happy Fathers’ Day

With Fathers’ Day coming up on Sunday I thought share a photo collage of some Dads, Grandads and Uncles all getting out there with the kids – Ka mau te wehi! 🙌 If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do on Sunday check out our…

10 free nature 🌿based activities to try this school holidays!

And just like that school holidays are upon us! 😲😃😍 [insert your emoji below]🍷🛌! Some parents will be dancing with glee (for a bit🤣) at the lack of routine (me), others may be dreading it due to the struggle of juggling children and work…

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