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Peach Cove Hut = Little Gem 🏞

The bush surrounding Peach Cove Hut is stunning – think tropical jungle 🌴 We explored here during the October school holidays and the bird song was amazing, and Kaka everywhere!! With just a couple of hours walk up and over a saddle, this really is…

Geocaching 🌍what is it and how can I do it?

My kids and I have recently rediscovered geocaching, we gave it a go a few years back and all loved it, but I had a truly terrible phone with no capacity to download apps so that was the end of that… and then we…

Fact: Outdoor play improves your kids eyesight!👀🌿🌳

I’ve had this topic waiting in the wings for a while now, but it was a recent yoga class that finally inspired me to write it. My wonderful yoga teacher, Sarah from Kowhai Yoga was teaching us some exercises for our eyes. She went on…

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