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Enjoying the journey not just the destination

The theme these past school holidays seemed to be – Enjoy the journey 🏞 I feel like I always try to enjoy the journey and be present in the moment. But sometimes the realisation that you aren’t actually present slaps you in the face…

How hiking builds resilience in kids

What does it mean to be resilient? Resilience is the capacity to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma or stressful situations, it is basically the ability to “bounce back” from difficult experiences. Strength/Toughness 💪 (both physically and mentally). I’ve always believed that bush…

Te Whare Okioki – New DOC hut in the Kaimai Ranges

It is so awesome to have a new DOC hut in the Kaimai’s. Te Whare Okioki is situated at the Ngamuwahine Shelter along the North South track (southern end) and is accessible from heaps of tracks. My sister and I decided to meet up…

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